We are privileged to be involved in supporting three overseas mission organisation: The Chelashaw Family (church planting in Nairobi, Kenya); the Christian Trust of Belgrade, Serbia (theological education in the Balkans), and Cuba for Christ (resourcing the church in Cuba).

The Chelashaw Family, Nairobi, Kenya

The Chelashaw familyIn July 2017 we had the tremendous privilege of commissioning Kip' and Rachel Chelashaw and their children Elijah, Ezra, Susanna and Bethany, as they prepare to leave the UK at the end of August to plant a church in Nairobi, Kenya. Kip' is a native of Kenya, and Rachel was born to missionary parents, and therefore has considerable experience of ministry overseas.

As a former member at Emmanuel, Kip’ has asked us to be their sending church. We'll therefore be praying for them and keeping in touch with them regularly, seeking to provide support, encouragement and accountability as his ministry begins

But we're certainly not the only church supporting the Chelashaw family. The Chelashaws are partnering with United For Mission, an established mission agency with experience in over 40 countries. They're also being supported by nearly a dozen other churches besides Emmanuel, as well as around twenty other individuals taking an active part in praying for the work and supporting it financially. We thank God for the privilege of joining with so many brothers and sisters in Christ to participate in this exciting new ministry.

To listen to the sermon that was preached at the Chelashaw's commissioning service, click here.

If you'd like to find out more about any aspect of the Chelashaw's ministry in Nairobi, please contact the church office.

The Christian Trust of Belgrade, Serbia

Christian Trust of BelgradeThe Christian Trust of Belgrade (Hrišćansko Udruženje Beograd, HUB) in Serbia is home to a Bible School designed to serve the church in the Balkan region of Eastern Europe. It traces its origins back to 1992, when a small group of people from Oak Hall Expeditions travelled to Yugoslavia to take medicines to a country that was at that time torn by civil war.

The Bible School opened in 1996, and since then over 300 students have graduated, many of whom now serve in churches all across the Balkans. The Bible School provides a tremendous resource for churches in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo, providing theological training and promoting unity in Christ among nations formerly divided by bitter ethnic conflicts.

Sladjan and familyThe Bible School is led by the Director, Sladjan Milenkovic, pictured here with his wife Jaroslava and his children Sara and Jana. Follow Sladjan on Facebook.

The Balkan region is economically poor, and yet the Bible School aims to support churches by offering the Bible course to anyone they wish to send. For this reason, the Bible School relies on support from elsewhere in the world both for its funding and also for its teaching staff. Financial support comes from churches and individual Christians overseas, and the teaching is provided by Ministers and staff from churches and theological seminaries throughout Europe and beyond.

Cuba for Christ

Latin LinkCuba for Christ is a branch of Latin Link, and exists to promote gospel ministry and support churches in Cuba. The island of Cuba is home to over 11 million people, and lies just 90 miles off the Caribbean coast of the USA. The Cuban government is communist, which makes life very difficult for Cuban Christians. Yet in spite of this, the church in Cuba is growing.

Since Cuba for Christ was established over 10 years ago, their work has included:

  • providing biblical and theological training for Ministers and church members;
  • providing financial support for missionaries and churches in Cuba;
  • supplying Christian literature;
  • providing humanitarian assistance and resources such as medicines;
  • coordinating prayer support.

London Theological SeminaryIn addition, Cuba for Christ has recently begun developing a UK-based programme of high-level theological training for Cuban Ministers and theological educators in association with London Theological Seminary.