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A great free Audio Bible

A great free Audio Bible

A while ago, David Butler did a superb job of turning David Field's Audio Bible into an Android App (with a bit of help from Kieran Harrod who did the graphics). It has been steadily accumulating downloads, and now has tens of thousands, along with a richly-deserved 4.2-star review.

If you're looking for an audio Bible, you can find it here.

Multiple layers of meaning

“Only by confessing the multiple sense of Scripture is it possible for the church to make use of the Hebrew Bible at all or to recapture the various levels of significance in the unfolding story of creation and redemption. The motion that Scripture has only one meaning is a fantastic idea and is certainly not advocated by the biblical writers themselves.” (David C. Steinmetz...

Conference recordings online

The recordings from our recent conferences featuring Peter Leithart, co-hosted by Emmanuel Evangelical Church and the Theopolis Institute, are now online at the new website for Emmanuel Training and Resources, www.northlondontheolo...

A holy week treat

We had the pleasure of welcoming Peter Leithart, President of the Theopolis Institute to Emmanuel over the weekend. Aside from speaking at a couple of conferences (recordings coming soon) and spending countless hours chatting with people from within the congregation and elsewhere, he also ...

Countdown to the conference season

There's still time (just) to book for the two forthcoming conferences at Emmanuel, both featuring Rev Dr Peter Leithart. Follow the links below for more information, and to book your place. Emmanuel Church Conference, Saturday 28 March A conference for the whole church on the theme of the sacraments of bap...
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