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By Steve Jeffery, 14 Jan 2016

Peter LeithartWe're delighted to be hosting three conferences on the Trinity at Emmanuel in March 2016. Our speaker is Pastor and Theologian Peter Leithart, President of the Theopolis Institute.

Peter Leithart has been described as "one of the leading theologians of our times"  (John Milbank); "one of the most respected scholars in the American Evangelical world" (John Frame); and "one of those bright and creative voices that we all ought to be listening to" (C. John Collins). This is a rare opportunity to hear him speak and interact with him personally here in the UK.

All three events will stand alone, though people able to attend more than one will also find that they complement each other without duplication.

For more information and booking details, click the images below or visit Emmanuel Training and Resources.

2016 Emmanuel Church Conference

2016 Emmanuel Ministerial Conference

We Meet Sundays at 10:00am Ashmole Academy, Cecil Road, Southgate