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Jethro, Reuel, and Hobab

By Steve Jeffery, 29 Jul 2014

Jethro, Reuel, and Hobab

An insightful youngster asked me a question recently about the name of Moses' Father-in-Law: Jethro? Reuel? Hobab? All three? Some brief thoughts:

It seems that he certainly had at least two names: Jethro (Ex 3:1; 4:18; 18:1-12) and Reuel (Ex 2:18). Some think that he had three names, the third being Hobab (Judges 4:11). But according to Numbers 10:29, Hobab was the son of Reuel. So it seems most likely that the term "Father-in-Law" is being used in Judges 4:11 to mean "Father" in the sense of "ancestor". This usage is pretty familiar, as for example when the Jews in Jesus' day claim that Abraham is their Father (John 8).


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