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Raising Children in a Secular World - videos online

By Steve Jeffery, 01 May 2017

Raising Children in a Secular World - videos online

A few weeks ago we had a four-part series of sermons on the subject of Raising Children in a Secular World. They're now available both on audio and also on video - scroll down to watch the videos and read brief descriptions of each talk.

Sermon 1: Who has the responsibility and privilege of raising and educating children? Is it the job of parents, or the state, or someone else? What does the Bible say? What do our laws say? And how have social attitudes to this question shifted in recent years?

Sermon 2: Since is it parents who are responsible for raising and educating their children (sermon 1), it's vital to get a clear picture of the worldview within which we should seek to raise our children. What are the foundational elements of the Christian worldview that all parents are responsible for communicating to their children?

Sermon 3: Having clarified that it is parents who are responsible before God for raising and education their children (sermon 1), and that this upbringing must rest securely on a Christian foundation (sermon 2), we need to address the immense practical challenges before us. How exactly should Christian parents seek to fulfil their responsibilities before God? What kind of culture should we be seeking to create in our homes? How should we encourage and inspire our children? And what are the possible pitfalls?

Sermon 4: We've seen that parents are responsible for raising their children (sermon 1) in a Christian worldview (sermon 2), and that the Bible gives a great deal of practical guidance and instruction as we seek to do so (sermon 3). But as we seek to do this, what difference will it make? What encouragement does Scripture offer us? And what does God promise to the children of faithful Christian parents?

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