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Raising Expectations 2017

By Steve Jeffery, 31 Jul 2017

Raising Expectations 2017

It's a pleasure to invite you to Raising Expectations 2017, a one-day conference for the whole church on Saturday 21 October 2017.

Our theme this year is...

Work, Leisure and Rest

Here's a brief run-down of what we'll be talking about. For more information ad to book tickets, click here.

1. The Lord's Day (Steve Jeffery)

What is Sunday for? What does "Sabbath rest" really mean? What's the place of worship? And what about service, and community?

How can we make the most of God's gift of the Lord's Day?

2. Calling (David Field)

Our Reformed forefathers rediscovered the precious biblical truth that God delights not just in the work of evangelists and missionaries, but also in every (so-called) "secular" vocation. All of us, whether accountants or plumbers, full-time mums or schoolteachers, IT professionals, nurses, or anything else, have a calling to serve God wherever we find ourselves.

With this in mind, how should we choose what to do with our lives? And how exactly should we seek to serve God once we've made the decision?

3. Work (Nick Pike)

Our lives are dominated by work. Many people feel enslaved to the ever-increasing demands of it, while others seem unable to actually get down to doing much of it.

So what is work? What's it for? What kind of work should we be looking for? And how should we do it?

4. Leisure (Steve Hayhow)

In our world leisure has come to mean entertainment, idleness, any way of filling "spare time". Is it any coincidence that we don't have a culture?

But it was not always so. Leisure used to be the rich soil out of which grew a vibrant culture. How do we restore this neglected aspect of our lives?

Join us on Saturday 21 October 2017.

We Meet Sundays at 10:00am Ashmole Academy, Cecil Road, Southgate