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Rediscovering the Psalms: Psalm 54

By Steve Jeffery, 01 Mar 2016

Rediscovering the Psalms: Psalm 54

In the last few months at Emmanuel, we've been working on some new versions of the Psalms to be sung to well-known (and in some cases contemporary) tunes. You can find a list of the highlights so far here. Here's one more to add to the collection: a version of Psalm 54 to be sung to the tune of Stuart Townend's "You're the Word of God the Father":

Psalm 54

By your name, O God, now save me;
Grant me justice by your might.
As I pray to you, now hear me;
Keep me safe within your sight.
Many foes rise up against me,
Ruthless men with violent words;
They are seeking to destroy me,
They do not regard the LORD.

You’re the Lord of all creation,
All the earth shall know your fame;
For you save all those who call
Upon your name.

Surely God is my sustainer;
With his help I will not fall.
God will turn back those who slander,
In his truth will judge them all.
I will offer freely to you;
I will praise your name, O LORD.
You have saved me from my sorrow,
And my life you have restored.

You’re the Lord of all creation...

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